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The Sonic Liberation Front + Radio alHara راديو الحارة
Institute of Contemporary Arts
April 2023

FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2021 features an online broadcast created in collaboration with the Sonic Liberation Front, a group of sound platforms and sonic artists who have come together with the Bethlehem-based station Radio alHara راديو الحارة to unify their sound for Palestine. Throughout the festival, the radio station will stream audio from the films presented at FoR21, inviting several directors to discuss the soundscapes behind their works.

Thursday 25 November, 10.30pm

A line-up of artists from the Sonic Liberation Front will be curating the FoR21 Opening Night, including a DJ set and a live performance, to be followed by a sonic performance from sound platform Recordat.

Friday 26 November, 5pm

An accompanying workshop with the Sonic Liberation Front and the Radio alHara  راديو الحارة collective will feature discussions on the relationship between producers and listeners, prompting conversations on sonic power. The workshop will be hosted by Nick Hadfield, Director of Music & Culture at The Standard, London.

Saturday 4 December, 10.30pm

The Sonic Liberation Front and Radio alHara الحارة راديو will also feature on the FoR21 Closing Night with a DJ set.

Also on Friday:

05:00 pm
Fri, 26 Nov 2021
Note: Tickets are only for the workshop. All other events are free and do not require booking.
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