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Fluid Realities: The Cinema of Salomé Lamas
Institute of Contemporary Arts
24 September – 3 October 2021

Eldorado XXI, dir. Salomé Lamas, Portugal / France 2016, 125 min., Spanish / Quechua / Aymara with English subtitles

Fluid Realities is the first complete survey of the films of Portuguese filmmaker, artist and researcher Salomé Lamas. 

Lamas’ prolific and ever-expanding body of work, celebrated at festivals and institutions internationally, could not be ascribed to any genre nor paradigm. Multi-form and intersectional, Lamas’ creative impulse translates through her work with a strong sense of disruption and desire to confront and challenge the dominant narratives of our time.  

Salomé Lamas’ work feels personal and universal. Her films blend an idiosyncratic visual language, characterized by an endowment for framing and an ethnographic eye to her surrounding, with political and historical criticism and commentary. Lamas’ feature-length work encompasses her artistic intention to intertwine methodology and ethics, and to refuse anthropocentrism as an essential form of filmmaking. 

As this comprehensive programme manifests, Lamas’ works show an aversion towards categorisation in favour of fluidity. Her work interrogates reality, norms and shared values, refusing to comply with linear narratives, mixing elements from reality – the collective memory – with fictional ones. 

The programme features the entirety of Lamas’ film works to date, including her four features: No Man’s Land, ©Fatamorgana, Eldorado XXI and Extinction

A Multibuy offer is available for this programme:

Full programme (8 screenings):
£60 Full, £45 Concessions, £30 Blue/Green Members

4 screenings:
£35 Full, £28 Concessions, £20 Blue/Green Members

3 screenings:
£30 Full, £24 Concessions, £15 Blue/Green Members

Fluid Realities: The Cinema of Salomé Lamas is supported by
the Portuguese Embassy in London.

Friday 24 September, 6:20pm
The survey of Salomé Lamas’ work opens with a screening of Lamas’ 2018 speculative comedy, followed by a Q&A with the Portuguese artist and filmmaker.

Saturday 25 September, 4pm
A programme of three works by Lamas experimenting with the autobiographical form, preceded by an introduction with Lamas.

Sunday 26 September, 6:30pm
A programme of two works by Lamas, including her debut feature, which contaminate each other with brutal depictions of society, followed by an extended conversation with the filmmaker.

Tuesday, 28 September, 8:45pm
A programme of two short films and a sound installation, manifesting Lamas’ versatile and intersectional work methodology.

Thursday 30 September, 8:45pm
Unfolding in a gold mine located in the Peruvian Andes, Salomé Lamas’s 2016 work tells complex, bleak stories through a haunting, contemplative form.

Friday 1 October, 6:30pm
Three early works from Salomé Lamas on representation, ruins and remains, nature, and the trace humans leave on it.

Saturday 2 October, 2:40pm
Four non-fiction works by Lamas exploring the margins and outskirts of our society in disparate and rich ways.

Sunday 3 October, 2:40pm
A screening of Lamas’ audio-visual piece designed for La Biennale di Venezia – Architettura 2018 precedes the screening of Extinction, one of her most recognized works to this day.