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Ubi Sunt + Golden Dawn + Imperial Girl + A Comunidade
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022
A Comunidade, dir. Salomé Lamas, Portugal 2012, 23 min.

The programme presents four works from Salomé Lamas evolving with the realm of non-fiction filmmaking – picturing disparate realities in an observational, immersive yet very personal manner. The remarkable variety of encounters emerging from the four works reflects Lamas’ deep interest with the social realities surrounding her, as well as the importance of representation – a recurrent theme throughout her full body of work.

Ubi Sunt, dir. Salomé Lamas, Portugal 2017, 26 min.
Ubi Sunt. Porto. Cartography of an imaginary place attracted by the margins (social and geographical). It is the outcome of an audio-visual research residency of human and urban exploration of an expanding city. This work is a reflective essay on mortality and life's transience, and what emerges from that dialectic, of an episodic and fragmented structure with choreographed cinematography, where the memory intersects the contemporary. 

Golden Dawn, dir. Salomé Lamas, The Netherlands / Portugal 2011, 16 min.
A portrait of a Dutch fisherman’s life in the North Sea. Going to sea is a fandango mankind has danced for many years. Golden Dawn presents this labour of love as a poetic visual trip.

Imperial Girl, dir. Salomé Lamas, Portugal 2012, 11 min.
It is Sunday. It is raining. Set around D. Ilda’s lunchtime, the outcast of Lisbon stays indoors randomly talking to each other. These are the permanent guests of the Imperial Hostel.

A Comunidade, dir. Salomé Lamas, Portugal 2012, 23 min.
A Comunidade (‘The Community’) is a non-fiction short film, in which the oldest camping park in Portugal is shown as a collage composed of tremendous images, testimonies and routines, in a light, sincere tone that arouses and nourishes curiosity.
02:40 pm
Sat, 02 Oct 2021
Cinema 1
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