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Self Portrait + Coup de Grâce + VHS: Video Home System + introduction
Institute of Contemporary Arts
VHS: Video Home System, dir. Salomé Lamas, The Netherlands / Portugal 2010 – 12, 39 min.

A programme of three works by Salomé Lamas, each exploring the filmmaker’s own life through experiments with distinct, autobiographical forms. The screenings are preceded by an introductory conversation with Salomé Lamas.

Self Portrait, dir. Salomé Lamas, Portugal 2016, 18, 10 min.
This work arises during the conflict the author and her team had in 2015 with the KGB on the border of Moldova and Ukraine while they were shooting Extinction. The way in which the piece is presented alludes visually to the lack of protection and freedom within the territory, as well as the processes of censorship and lack of communication that ends up forcing the silence of the sight and of the mind.

Coup de Grâce, dir. Salomé Lamas, Portugal 2017, 25 min.
Leonor returns from a trip on a day where her dad wasn’t expecting her. In twenty-four hours, they live through a crescendoing hallucinated reality, led by Francisco’s unsettling state of apparent normality.

VHS: Video Home System, dir. Salomé Lamas, The Netherlands / Portugal 2010, 12, 39 min.
How can I lie that I’m asleep and be faster than my body? ‘But it wasn’t so violent, was it?’ She stayed in bed, repeating that she was sleepy, for forty minutes. ‘I wanted it to be almost like a mantra and to generate tension.’ Time past and time present – if all time is eternally present, all time is unredeemable. ‘It was a school exercise. I would use what was close to me, what was domestic, and you were part of it.’ Fourteen years have passed. I take her images; I compel her to answer me. She is the mother. She is the daughter. She is my mother.
04:00 pm
Sat, 25 Sep 2021
Cinema 1
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