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ICA Creatives
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Coloured icons flicker between one another- a blue mouse pointer, a black stage, a red handheld camera, and a green speaker volume icon. They're inside the cell of a grid. Around the cell it says ICA CREATIVES

What can we do with art? Can we create art that brings us together? How can we build creative community through making and learning?

ICA Creatives is a series of free artist-led workshops open to people aged 16 – 30. Exploring these questions, the programme is made up of four strands (cinema, sound, performance and digital) with an opportunity to learn more about the behind the scenes of the ICA. Workshops are designed to build skills in specific art forms, learn from artists, meet industry professionals and understand how things work in a world-class interdisciplinary arts organisation.

There is an opportunity for participants to showcase their collective work made during the workshops to the public in a building-wide takeover of the ICA at the end of March 2024. Each series will allow for 15 participants to attend weekly workshops. The aim of this programme is to support emerging talent and creativity.

No prior art making experience is necessary, but you must be able to commit to all sessions and select one strand to attend.
Red outline in the shape of a handheld camera
November & December 2023
Learn key filmmaking skills, scriptwriting, camerawork and editing, considering race, migration and the legacies of colonialism in film. With Arwa Aburawa and Turab Shah.

A green volume icon, a speaker blasting music
November 2023
Use sound to tell stories, explore politics, bring people together and develop supportive communities. With InnerSwell.

A low res icon of a stage in black
January & February 2024
Learn live performance skills, including movement, physical comedy and clowning. Taking the complex location of central London, the workshop will use performance to think about bodily autonomy, mental wellbeing and storytelling. Participants will work together to produce a short performance.

A pointed mouse cursor in electric blue
January & February 2024
Digital Poetry
Learn poetry writing, editing and performance skills, working together on the creation of a digital publication. While everyday life in 2023 can be lonely (with social media providing constant stimulation but not always connection), participants in this workshop will explore how collective writing can transform our connections with each other both on and off the internet.