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After MeToo
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023
After MeToo (애프터 미투), dirs. Park So-hyun, Lee So-myi, Kangyu Ga-ram, Soram, South Korea 2021, 84 min., Korean with English subtitles

Three years after Korean society was first rocked by the #MeToo movement, how much has changed? Addressing the activism and resistance that remained after the initial #MeToo fever cooled, codirectors Park So-hyun, Lee So-myi, Kangyu Ga-ram and Soram tie together four short works focused on four distinct but related topics: the ‘School MeToo’ movement among teenagers, the fallout from #MeToo in the art world, confessions of sexual trauma from long ago, and the sexual self-determination of women.

Each segment of After MeToo has its own distinctive style – featuring everything from coolly distanced black-and-white photographs to dramatic mime-artistry gestures, direct confrontations of places and memories to illustrations inserted into interview testimonies. These disparate formats pose their own questions about the #MeToo movement while also interrogating the documentary form through recordings and remnants, evidence and memory.
06:30 pm
Thu, 11 Nov 2021
Cinema 1
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