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Institute of Contemporary Arts
5 – 12 May 2022

The seventh edition of FoR has been conceived around the theme of Communality. The festival includes eight days of screenings, discussions, workshops, experiments in sound, live performances, and other activities that all explore the idea of communality through different fields of practice.

FoR22 will celebrate collective action and artistic endeavour. Through the focus on communality, it offers a stage for both engagement and reflection, and looks at documentation and representation as an ensemble of practices through which audiences can shape and elicit their own meanings, causes and effects. The festival shows how interaction with others can provoke the proliferation of new communal spaces, allowing each and any person to find their own space, forms of representation and means of artistic production while in conversation with other members of their communities.


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Colourful metallic lines etched against a black background

Thursday 12 May, 6:30pm
Sound artist, musician, Sonic Liberation Front founder and Radio alHara راديو الحارة member Dirar Kalash delivers a special masterclass on sound and image.

Fists raised in protest against a crowd for Black power

Thursday 12 May, 8:30pm
The latest work from Franco-American artist and filmmaker Éric Baudelaire is fabricated from a variety of materials and sources, exploring the process of creation as a radical act of resistance amid political instability.

Past Programme:

Brown woman on motorbike leading a pack of riders in protest

Thursday 5 May, 7:30pm
Adirley Queirós and Joana Pimenta explore the turbulence of contemporary Brazil through the prism of an all-female gang who hijack a pipeline for the sake of their community.

Gridded spherical object, with gridlines melting into black

Thursday 5 May, 10:30pm
The Recordat collective of sound artists teams up to curate a series of live performances by Hiro Kone, Ross Alexander and Dirar Kalash.

Boy picking orange fruit from orchard, viewed from behind

Friday 6 May, 6:15pm
Eduardo Crespo and Lina Rodríguez join us for a wide-ranging workshop exploring contemporary Latin American avant-garde cinema.

Happy Black couple sharing food side-by-side

Friday 6 May, 8pm
Rafiki Fariala follows a group of students of the University of Bangui in the Central African Republic, portraying their reflections on political activism and generational conflicts.

Happy boy pushing wheelbarrow in field

Saturday 7 May, 2:15pm
Eduardo Crespo’s camera observes young students of the Las Delicias agrotechnical boarding school.

Black man working in wheat field, other workers behind

Saturday 7 May, 4:15pm
Arnaud des Pallières’s new work unfolds as the four-month diary of an anonymous narrator in an unspecified year, weaving together images and narratives from the USA in the 20th century.

Protestors confronting riot police in suburbia

Saturday 7 May, 7pm
The latest film from Sierra Pettengill explores the treacherous militarisation of the US police from the late 1960s until today.

A man holds vibrant red flower in jungle

Sunday 8 May, 3pm
Franziska von Stenglin’s debut feature follows Liêm and his friends leave their homes in the Highlands of Vietnam to embrace the forest, aiming to maintain the ancient traditions.

Woman holds three fingers up against riot police on empty street

Sunday 8 May, 5pm
Directed by a collective of filmmakers, Myanmar Diaries documents life in the country after the violent military coup of February 2021.

Mother and daughter's feet set against play house and plastic lawnmower

Sunday 8 May, 7pm
Colombian-Canadian filmmaker Lina Rodríguez poetically and empathetically explores the migrant experience through the stories of three Latin American women.

Riot police push through pink smoke

Monday 9 May, 6:15pm
Charlotte Cook, Co-Creator of Field of Vision, and Sierra Pettengill, director of Riotsville, USA, discuss the emergence and position of filmmaker-driven production unit Field of Vision.

Two Black girls do homework on table made of tree branches

Monday 9 May, 8pm
A programme of three short features engages with ideas of communality from three very different cinematic languages.

Black girl looks up longingly, in room surrounded by vibrant plants

Tuesday 10 May, 8:15pm
Miryam Charles's debut feature investigates the passing of a 14 year-old girl in the form of an imaginary dialogue with a young girl who can no longer speak for herself.

In a gallery space, a man blows into horn, surrounded by participants singing

Wednesday 11 May, 6:15pm
Two years after premiering Un film dramatique at FRAMES of REPRESENTATION in 2020, visual artist and filmmaker Éric Baudelaire joins to discuss everything from his early work as a photographer to his current practice in film and the visual arts.

Three white boys kneel in a prayer room in front of their father wearing religious headpiece

Wednesday 11 May, 8:15pm
Shot over four years, Francesco Montagner’s feature portrays the aspirations of three brothers to escape from traditional values imposed on them by their elders in contemporary Bosnia.
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