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UK PREMIERE My Two Voices (Mis dos voces) + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
My Two Voices (Mis dos voces), dir. Lina Rodrí­guez, Canada 2022, 68 min., Spanish / English with English subtitles

Colombian-Canadian filmmaker Lina Rodríguez poetically and empathetically explores the migrant experience through the stories of three Latin American women – Ana, Claudia and Marinela – who have emigrated to Canada for different reasons. As each woman recounts the story of how she came to leave her home in Latin America, the camera focuses on her daily domestic tasks, forming a fragmented picture of her exterior and interior life. 

Different though their stories are, the three women have much in common. Motherhood, identity and domestic violence are recurring elements in their lives. So, too, are the links between identity and language, the two voices of the title referring to their Spanish mother tongue and the English they’ve adopted in Canada. As it progresses, My Two Voices reveals more of the women’s lives and personalities, gradually forming intimate family portraits in the closing moments. The result is an act of quiet resistance against reductive and stereotypical presentations of both the migrant experience and survivors of domestic abuse.

This UK premiere is followed by a Q&A with director Lina Rodríguez, hosted by film critic and script consultant Wim Vanacker.

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