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Masterclass – Cinematic Visions: The Methodologies of Gianfranco Rosi + Notturno
Institute of Contemporary Arts
April 2023
Notturno, dir. Gianfranco Rosi, Germany / France / Italy 2020, 100 min., Italian / Arabic / Kurdish with English subtitles

Masterclass — Cinematic Visions, 7.45pm

Gianfranco Rosi, the Golden Lion and Golden Bear-winning Italian filmmaker discusses his vision of the cinematic language with ICA Head of Cinema and FoR founder Nico Marzano, dwelling on the expansive range of methodologies that have accompanied his impressive 30-year career. From his very first feature Boatman (1993) to his most recent work Notturno (2020), Rosi’s oeuvre not only foregrounds a carefully crafted aesthetic, but also pulsates a very specific vision of the real. In this masterclass, with the support of stills and extracts from each of his works, Rosi addresses his rigorous approach to craftsmanship, and how – through profound care of his subject matter – he ensures that the stories and human beings he encounters remain at the heart of his works. This event is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute London.

Screening of Notturno, 9pm

Following the masterclass, there will be a special presentation of Notturno introduced by the filmmaker, with the support of MUBI.

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dir. Gianfranco Rosi, Germany / France / Italy 2020, 100 min., Italian / Arabic / Kurdish with English subtitles

Notturno begins with a scene showing a group of soldiers running across their training camp in the Middle East. Occasionally, as they approach the frame, we can hear them shouting to encourage themselves and, at the same time, to confront the camera that is filming them. Suddenly, we are catapulted into a context where war can be sensed both as a scream and an echo. Soldiers appear, shout, and then disappear. This goes on and on: they appear, they disappear; they produce sound, followed by silence. An aesthetically audacious and uncompromising work, Notturno echoes of war alternate with moments of quiet before irreconcilable destruction, repeated over and over, while everyday life is constantly suspended between life and death.
07:45 pm
Sat, 27 Nov 2021
Cinema 1
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