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Bulletproof + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
April 2023
Bulletproof, dir. Todd Chandler, USA 2020, 84 min., English

Bulletproof examines the culture of gun violence and mass shootings within American schools – but rather than lingering on any specific events of terror and violence, filmmaker and educator Todd Chandler takes us through the ritualised preparations and lockdown drills that now form part of the average school day. From teacher training sessions at gun ranges to trade fairs specialising in bulletproof whiteboards, Chandler presents us with a nightmarish vision of a capitalist society where there’s money to be made from the fear and horror prevalent in modern educational establishments.

What does it say about a society when school shootings are so normalised that prevention and protection become million-dollar industries? What impact does this sustained culture of fear have on the educational development of a nation’s youth? These are just some of the questions that Bulletproof asks us to consider.

This screening is a UK Premiere and is followed by a Q&A with director Todd Chandler, hosted by experimental filmmaker Maya Daisy Hawke.

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