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Sonic Ecologies
Institute of Contemporary Arts
December 2022

In a conversation chaired by Ella Finer, artists Arjuna Neuman, Hannah Catherine Jones and Joseph Morgan Schofield explore how music connects the ethereal and the embodied.

The discussion asks: By creatively approaching time as material, how is it possible to create conditions that transform our understandings of relation and being? What radical propositions are generated through temporal deprogramming within contemporary sound and performance practices? And, through an exploration of attunement and sonic commons as altered states of consciousness, how does listening provide generative perspectives for understanding the social body and the individual?
Ella Finer’s work in sound and performance spans writing, composing and curating, with an interest in how women’s voices take up space; how bodies acoustically disrupt, challenge or change the order of who is allowed to occupy – command – space. She is convenor of the Acoustic Commons study group, consultant professor of Performance Studies at Syracuse London and a trustee of Longplayer. Her book Acoustic Commons and the Wild Life of Soundwill be published by Errant Bodies, Berlin in 2020.

Arjuna Neuman was born on an airplane, that’s why he has two passports. He is an artist, filmmaker and writer. With recent presentations at Whitechapel Gallery, London; Istanbul Modern, Istanbul; Sharjah Biennial, UAE; Bergen Assembly, Norway; at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore; the 56th Venice Biennale and SuperCommunity; the Haus Der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; at KEM, Warsaw; at Ashkal Alwan and the Beirut Art Centre, Lebanon; Le Gaite Lyric, Paris; the Canadian Centre for Architecture; and the Rat School of Art, Seoul, among others. He also grows tomatoes and chillis in his studio.

Hannah Catherine Jones is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, scholar, radio presenter, composer, conductor and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra. Their broad practice is connected through a central spine of inclusivity and decolonization. Myths, (both ancient and modern), word-play, appropriation and their own voice (in song) are their materials.

Joseph Morgan Schofield is a performance artist and writer. Their performances, which often foreground the sweating, bleeding body, may be understood as acts of mythopoesis – the material exploration of other ways of being, in other possible worlds. Ritual action is the technology through which this personal//collective//fleeting//enduring transformation is sought. Joseph is the lead artist of F U T U R E R I T U A L â€“ a research and performance project considering the place, use and function of ritual within contemporary performance and queer cultures.
07:00 pm
Wed, 05 Feb 2020
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