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The Tender Interval: Studies in Sound and Motion
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Wednesday 5 February – Sunday 9 February

Maybe the only thing that hints at a sense of Time is rhythm; not the recurrent beats of the rhythm but the gap between two such beats, the grey gap between black beats; the Tender Interval.
– Vladimir Nabokov

The ICA presents The Tender Interval: Studies in Sound and Motion, a convening exploring the transformational qualities of sound and dance practices.

Taking place over five days, The Tender Interval features performance, conversation, music and workshops, with work by Ella Finer, Hannah Catherine Jones, Lia Mice, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Arjuna Neuman, object blue, Shelley Parker, rkss, Joseph Morgan Schofield, and Chooc Ly Tan.

The Tender Interval explores time as material; the body as instrument; and the frequencies between practicing, playing, conducting and sounding as modes of world-making.

Drawing on the productive potential of absence, failure, stillness and silence as zones of potentiality and becoming, the programme is situated at the intersection of sound and motion as systemic fields of enquiry and vehicles for social and personal movements.

As time seems scarcer and scarcer in ever-accelerating conditions, The Tender Interval asks: What can queering the gap between the beats offer the tender intervals of our unscripted collective and social lives?
The Tender Interval is co-curated by Sarah Shin (New Suns) and ICA Curator Sara Sassanelli.

All ICA images © Anne Tetzlaff

Wednesday 5 February, 7:00pm
Sonic Ecologies
In a conversation chaired by Ella Finer, artists Hannah Catherine Jones, Arjuna Neuman and Joseph Morgan Schofield explore how music connects the ethereal and the embodied.

Thursday 6 February, 7:30pm
Helm + Cucina Povera + Graham Lambkin
A night of textural experimental music curated by Helm, featuring Cucina Povera and Graham Lambkin.

Friday 7 February, 8:00pm
The Sampler as Time Machine
A night of music and performance which explores sampling, genre-bending and mixing as temporal hacking.

Saturday 8 February, 2:00pm
Deep Listening: Hannah Catherine Jones
Artist and musician Hannah Catherine Jones presents a selection of tracks and sound works for deep listening.

Sunday 9 February, 2:00pm
Attitudes to Listening
Producer object blue leads a seminar and workshop exploring the theme of ecstasy through music.

Sunday 9 February, 7:00pm
Dance artist Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome’s new choreographic work explores the spaces between feeling and action.
Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
Rowdy SS
Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
Rowdy SS