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I Go Gaga, My Dear + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
I Go Gaga, My Dear (Bokemasukara, yoroshiku onegaishimasu), dir. Naoko Nobutomo, Japan 2018, 102 min., Japanese with English subtitles, PG

A Q&A follows the screening of a documentary about the director's elderly parents. 

In this intimate work, Nobutomo documents the everyday routines of her 85-year-old parents, who still live alone in their home. Along the way, she depicts the development of her mother’s Alzheimer’s, showing both the light and dark sides of her parents’ life together. The result is a private, naturalistic documentary which portrays many beautiful moments despite its heavy subject matter. 
04:45 pm
Sat, 15 Feb 2020
Cinema 1
£13 Full, £11 Concs/Green, £7 Blue Members

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