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Oral, Film and History
Institute of Contemporary Arts
October 2022
Tekowenhepyrun: The Origin of the Soul (A Origem da Alma), dir. Alberto Álvares, Brazil 2015, 48 min., Guarani–Nhandewa with English subtitles

Parakanã, Guarani-Nhandewa and Guarani-Kaiowá filmmakers document and celebrate Indigenous communities’ historical, social and philosophical perspectives in this four-film selection.

dirs. Kamikia Kisedje & Simone Giovine, Brazil 2020, 7 min., Aruak with English subtitles
This short presents twin social and historical narratives of Parakanã women, who talk about their contact with white people while weaving their traditional hammocks and baskets from tucum (a species of wild palm).

Dream of Fire (Sonho de Fogo)
dir. Alberto Álvares, Brazil 2020, 7 min., Guarani-Nhandewa with English subtitles
Alberto Álvares’s short film explores the interpretations of fire dreams – which, according to the traditions of the Guarani-Nhandewa people, are bad omens of imminent disease. Elders emphasise the importance of preserving trees that breathe in smoke and protect us from the terrible coming sickness, invoking a collective reflection on the way we treat the environment.

Tekowenhepyrun: The Origin of the Soul (A Origem da Alma)
dir. Alberto Álvares, Brazil 2015, 48 min., Guarani-Nhandewa with English subtitles
The second Álvares film on the programme presents testimony from the elders of the Yhowy village in Guaíra, southern Brazil, who share their knowledge about the origins of the Guaraní way of being and their belief that the soul is the connection between the body and the spirit.

Ava Yvy Vera – The Land of the People of Lightning (A Terra do Povo do Raio)
dirs. Genito Gomes, Valmir Gonçalves Cabreira, Jhonaton Gomes, Joilson Brites, Johnn Nara Gomes, Sarah Brites, Dulcídio Gomes & Edna Ximenes, Brazil 2016, 52 min., Kaiowá with English subtitles
The Guarani-Kaiowá peoples’ struggle for land rights gained international recognition after the release of a joint letter in 2012, protesting against the assaults and advances of Brazilian agribusiness. Co-directed by 10 filmmakers, Ava Yvy Vera transforms the act of filming into a process of dialogue both in front of and behind the camera, documenting the history of resistance and the reclaiming of the territory where the Guarani-Kaiowá live today.
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Sun, 24 Oct 2021
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Sun, 31 Oct 2021
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Thu, 04 Nov 2021
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