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Tuesday 19 May 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Queeries: ‘I’m enjoying lockdown, am I a psychopath?’
Through their gal–dem advice column, Aisha Mirza responds to the conflicting feelings brought on by the enjoyment of social isolation. Situating their response in a nuanced reflection of the vast inequalities experienced under lockdown, Mirza also suggests it’s a moment ‘to reconsider time, capitalism, melancholy and contentment’.
Sara Sassanelli

Institution as Praxis: New Curatorial Directions for Collaborative Research
Comprised of essays by Bill Balaskas, Carolina Rito, ruangrupa, Melanie Bouteloup, and others, this publication explores how artistic and curatorial practices contribute to the expansion of institutional, practice-based and collaborative research methods, offering new ways of thinking about knowledge production in both academia and the cultural sector. The introduction and essays by co-editors Balaskas and Rito can be found on their respective websites.
Nydia A. Swaby


Glasgow Zine Library: Remote Fair
This Govanhill establishment has amassed a fine collection of zines since 2013, much of which is available online. The library supports self-publishing, practises radically inclusive cataloguing, and has now moved its annual fair online. My tip is the feminist quiz zine Quizogyny, which takes on patriarchy one Zoom quiz at a time.
Rosalie Doubal


Stuart Marshall: Over Our Dead Bodies (1991)
This film by artist Stuart Marshall examines AIDS activism in the UK and US, and is screening in the second part of artist and writer Conal McStravick’s programme Picturing A Pandemic: Art and Activism of Survival on Screens from the Women’s Health, LGBTQIA, Crip and Decolonial Archive. A collaboration between London’s LUX and Toronto’s Vtape, the programme considers the Covid-19 pandemic in the context of art and activism.
Steven Cairns

Michael Pollan on the science of psychedelics
Michael Pollan is a writer, activist and Professor of Practice of Nonfiction at Harvard University whose research focuses predominantly on the intersection of science, nature and culture. In this engaging interview, he discusses the science of psychedelics and their possible therapeutic use.
Nico Marzano

Hannah Arendt interview: ‘Zur Person’ (1964)
This is iconic: Arendt with her academic brilliance, wit and subtle northern German Jewish humour, back in a time when people still could chain smoke on TV. These two got off to a rough start – Arendt is introduced as being both the first woman on the programme and a philosopher, to which she responds: ‘You are wrong, I am not a philosopher.’
Stefan Kalmár

Track of the Day

Crystal Castles: Plague (2012)

They fake sincerity
Thy gifts don’t give to me
Now you’ve been anointed
They’ve been asking for it
Infants in infantry
Rewrite their history
Uproot their colony
You’re ripe for harvesting

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