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Thursday 10 December 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


The group disnovation.org have compiled 29 interviews in their post-growth toolkit so far, challenging the notion of growth.


Open Call: Artists Responding To 
Artists and writers who use futuristic imagery to highlight current social justice issues, from environmental disasters, to Brexit, and the Movement for Black Lives, might like to submit their work to Issue 5 of this artist-led monthly zine. Submissions can range from paintings, drawings, digital art, installation and sculpture, stills from videos or performances, essays, poems and more. The deadline is 20 January 2021.


ℌ𝔘𝕹𝐓ℜ𝖊zZ’s ‘An Inorganic Nature’
Commissioned by NAVEL & Creamcake as part of 3hd 2020, this online event is a three-dimensional performance set inside a virtual recreation of NAVEL. On 12 December at 4am UTC, the artist will inhabit the virtual space via motion capture and facial tracking.


FoR Shorts #2
The second programme of short-format works from this fifth edition of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION brings three very distinct features from Ana Vaz, Rosa Barba and Dorian Jespers.

In a conversation with FoR20 Research Curator Astrid Korporaal following the screening, the three filmmakers discuss the overarching themes of spectatorship, as none of the works offers a straightforward point of access to a specific territory, as well as the peculiar way they use sound and images in their works and the fluidity that they experience in their practice.
In relation to the multiplicity of languages and length and approaches that can be found in short features, here are some insightful notes by short films programmer Julian Ross: ‘it is in short film programmes that you'll find cinema let loose and free from what is imposed by the industry and expected by the press. One day, the so-called ‘cinema’ will learn from these short films what they have forgotten in their sorry attempt to make a business out of art.’

FoR Shorts #2 is available to stream for seven days from Saturday 12 December at 6:30pm GMT.

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Track of the Day

Joseph Beuys: Sonne statt Reagan (1982)

Aus dem Land
Das sich selbst zerstört
Und uns den ‘way of life’ Diktiert

Da kommt Reagan und bringt Waffen und Tod

Und hört er Frieden
Sieht er rot.
Er sagt als Präsident von USA
Atomkrieg? – Ja
Dort und da

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