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Saturday 20 June 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2023

In time for the solstice we are taking a break and will be back with the ICA Daily later this summer. In the meantime you can visit the archive or listen to our playlist.

Thank you to the ICA Daily team and contributors: Ifeanyi Awachie, Jen Bartle, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Richard Birkett, Steven Cairns, Emma Capps, Rosalie Doubal, Daryoush Haj-Najafi, Aaliyah Kelly-Hibbert, Anthony Keigher, Kanerva Lehtonen, Nicola Leong, Nico Marzano, Isobel Parrish, Sara Sassanelli, and Nydia A. Swaby.

Thanks also to our guest editors: Clay AD, Ain Bailey, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Hannah Black, Choreographic Devices, CHRISTEENE, Keiken, Michèle Lamy, Roberto Minervini, M. NourbeSe Philip, Susanne Oberbeck (aka No Bra), Richard Porter, Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement & Decriminalised Futures, Wolfgang Tillmans, Tottenham Rights, Isabel Waidner, and The White Pube.


This Palestinian radio project was initiated during lockdown by friends Elias Anastas, Yousef Anastas, Yazan Khalili, Mothanna Hussein and Saeed Abu Jaber, broadcasting music and discussion from Ramallah, Bethlehem and Amman. Listen back to three live sets by resident DJs for London’s Mosaic Rooms here.


‘The nature of the two primary Freedom Days that we recognize – January 1 and June 19 – as a historical fact marking a freedom date and the idea that on either day, Black people became liberated demonstrates the fallacy of facticity. It is the evidence of time being out of sync with liberation of Black people on the Western timeline, where time is measured by observing facts. Progress and accumulation of facts or points on the linear timeline always comes at the expense of Black lives, the goal of linear western time is always to lock Black bodies out of the future.’ – Rasheedah Phillips

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32 tracks and 16 artworks created as a collaborative release from members of the Mutants1000000 Discord community to raise funds for organisations that support and uplift Black and Trans lives.


Today I want to pay tribute to, in my opinion, the greatest actor in the history of Italian cinema, Gian Maria Volonté – and in particular, his unforgettable interpretation in Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (an Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, 1970). Elio Petri’s film is at once a dark satirical thriller set during a time of internal political disturbance, a biting critique of Italian policing and authoritarian repression, and a psychological study of a budding crypto-fascist.

A synthesised mix of avant-garde and experimental performances from poets, musicians, composers, visual artists and other performers from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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