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R21 aka Restoring Solidarity + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
An illustration of a Palestinian city on a reel
R21 aka Restoring Solidarity, dir. Mohanad Yaqubi, Palestine / Belgium / Qatar 2022, 71 min.

R21 aka Restoring Solidarity
is a film about making a film, a film about films that exist on the margins of documentary, fiction, and an archive. 

R21 refers to The Reel no. 21, which comes as an addition to and a reflection on a collection of twenty 16mm films, safeguarded in Tokyo by the Japanese solidarity movement with Palestine. It’s an undelivered solidarity letter written by a Japanese activist that was lost on its way to a Palestinian filmmaker. Fragments of the letter are found throughout the collection and compiled into an imagined structure that reveals itself during the film.

R21 aka Restoring Solidarity acts as a catalogue, the film as a time machine, the film as an archive. The themes that Reel no. 21 deals with, reveal themselves in the form of a montage essay. At the same time, the act of restoring these films brings out motives, aspirations, and the disappearance of a generation and its struggles, not only in Japan, but around the world.

Followed by a Q&A with director Mohanad Yaqubi.
07:00 pm
Sat, 18 Nov 2023
Cinema 1

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