Institute of Contemporary Arts

Pirate Boy, Dir.  Pol Merchan, Germany, 13 min
Making sense of our experience is not always manageable and the cinematic form has a unique capacity to tell tales viscerally, to unwrap moments and lay them bare for us. Language is no longer the dominant mode as this programme asks you to trust your senses and fall into films with more to perceive than to understand. 81 minutes.
Richie Benson, Cardboard City, Cuba, 10 min
Isabel Morales Bondy, A Woman Like Me, Denmark, 9 min
Maryam Tafakory, Absent Wound, Iran, 10 min
Francisca Duran, Suit of Lights, Canada, 18 min
Pol Merchan, Pirate Boys, Germany, 13 min
Ismael Joffroy Chandoutis, Dark Waves, Denmark, 9 min
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