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Still House Plants + No Home + jb glazer (DJ)
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Still House Plants are a UK group made up of Jess Hickie-Kallenbach, Finlay Clark, and David Kennedy.

From a bare bones set up of guitar, drums and vocals they create fractious and sharp music with a melting pop heart. bridging elements of sampling, slow core, and repetition the trio have developed a sound that constantly breaks apart and fuses together again.

‘If I don't make it, I love u’ is Still House Plants’ third LP and the fullest embodiment of their sound to date. Where ‘Fast Edit’ formed with quick attachment and jump cuts, ‘If I don't make it’ is shaped by persistence - a commitment to the songs that makes the music solid, warmer and accepted.

Marking the trio’s decade of friendship, this is the first record written whilst all live in the same city since 2017's ‘Assemblages’. The band rehearsed it relentlessly, playing for nobody except themselves, consistently building support for one another and growing the way they play. Jess’ voice is deeper. Fin’s guitar is full size, richer. David drums harder. Focused on one point together, everyone gets bigger and nothing falls apart. The guitar and the drums blend, raise the voice, make room for what is being said, what is felt.

No Home is the London based artist, Charlotte Valentine who has been making music for almost a decade. Described as a ‘punk producer’ and ‘DIY experimental artist’ by the Wire Magazine, their first album “Fucking Hell”, a mix of noise rock and pop, was released in June 2020 and was named one of the “The 35 Best Rock Albums of 2020” by Pitchfork. Their second and most recent album, "Young Professional" was released in November 2022. They have collaborated with artists such as SASAMI and Maria BC and played with artists such as Moor Mother and Big Joanie. Their work has been written about in Crack Magazine, NPR and The Wire amongst others.

jb glazer will DJ across the evening between sets.

07:30 pm
Sat, 13 Apr 2024

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