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Institute of Contemporary Arts
Courtesy of Yen Chun Lin 

Artist-led research project Here, a nut falls twice presents a newly commissioned sculptural sound installation for the ICA Theatre.

From 10pm on Saturday 3 December until 6am on Sunday 4 December, audiences are invited to spend the night in the installation. The event features live performances by artists Yen Chun Lin, Marijn Degenaar, Lou Drago, Cee Füllemann, Tzu Ni Hung, Lithic Alliance, oxi peng, Felix Riemann ​a.k.a leslie, Berglind Thrastardottir and Matilda Tjäder, with lighting by Charlie Hope. With a floor installation by Cee Füllemann.

Dear dreamers,  

You are invited to a night that explores the liminality of 'falling', through light, darkness, sound, poetry and memories, as they relate to the altered states of sleeping, loving, and sensing.

During this eight-hour night journey, you are invited to co-create a shared ‘here’ together, where you will encounter performances by ten dream figures. We will traverse through imaginary landscapes of inaudible frequencies, sleep-inducing rhythms, dream echoes, a lullaby of nightmares, shimmers of darkness, nocturnal wanders, and bedtime tales.

Please feel free to join in or drift away anytime during the night, while being aware of the creatures that are falling into, or out of dreams around you.

(*If you are feeling unwell, please do not hesitate to talk to our dream guardians from ICA)

Wishing to hear and hold you softly here.

Your dream-figure collective.
Artist Bios

Felix Riemann is an artist, musician, and performer who lives and works in London. He produces electronic music under the alias Leslie, and his debut album 'Why So Eager' was released earlier this year with London-based Loose Label. His recent live performances took place at Ormside, MOT and Le Bourgeois in London. Between 2018 and 2020 he was part of the independent Studio Programme Conditions. Since 2019, he has been organising the collaborative outdoor performance series 'The Long Acre' which was also shown at events hosted by Conditions. Upcoming activities include the release of a new EP in Dec 2022, composing new sound-work for an overnight performance event at ICA London, music contributions to live- and radio-shows, and a forthcoming series of events with The Long Acre at various outdoor locations.

oxi pëng (yiou penelope peng|彭憶歐 http://www.yioupennypeng.com), previously trained as a pianist and a scholar in cinema studies at smith college, university college of london, is now a phd. candidate at free university berlin for her research on the 'touch', 'mutation' and 'interweaving' among various non-living and living beings in performative happenings. she attempts to embody a speculative performance analysis about plants, matter, cyborgs, spirits, aliens and non-definable entities from anthropocosmic perspectives. oxi practices (embodied writing), creates (psychedelic poetry), and dreams (of pink tardigrade) softly.

Yen Chun Lin (s/he/they/it) currently lives and works among states of falling, falling asleep, falling awake, falling with(in) love, and falling (into) unknown. Through artistic practices, they tune into subtlety, liminality and the ‘seemingly imperceptible’ as a way of cultivating sensibility to communicate with(in) silence, darkness, dust, wind, and sub(un)conscious states. Her works are materialised in the form of installations, hosting sculptural soundscapes, performances, collaborations, and speculative sciences. Previously, he co-founded Soundust Research Agency which investigates the potential of dust as sonic archives, recording environments from the past, present and future. Recently, it practices 'encountering’ and ‘noticing’ quietly without disturbing the spirit and spirits in co-existing realms. From which the research project here, a nut falls twice sprouted: a space holder for experimenting different practices of collective falling and the alternating sensuous perception (listening) as practices of care shared with all beings. Yen received a Master in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University (London, 2019). S/he/they/it was the recipient of the Taipei Art Award grand prize (2021), and artist-in-residence at Rupert (Vilnius, 2022). Recent exhibitions include Taipei Fine Art Museum (Taipei); Britta Rettberg Gallery (Munich); Centrum Project Space (Berlin); Catinca Tabacaru & Sandwich Gallery (Bucharest); Gossamer Fog (London), among others

Berglind Thrastardottir b. 1988- Trained as a Psychologist at Columbia University, New York, Berglind abruptly left her studies and decided to apply her knowledge in creative pursuits. Her projects are woven together through the common theme of identity. She works through her experiences personal and academic to step back and bring people together in an introspective examination. Berglind’s work provides a space to examine, dissect, and comment on (without judgement) the collective cultural identities we are subconsciously conditioned with. Berglind was born in Reykjavik, raised around but nowhere in particular, she has published writings in online journals, and her short films have shown in festivals around the world, she is currently studying Directing at the German Film and Television Academy/ Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin. berglind-thrastardottir.com

Marijn Degenaar is a dutch artist and musician. His shapeshifting practice weaves dream-like narratives and altered consciousness through sound, film and graphic design. He is half of the duo ‘Property’ and plays solo as ‘Circular Ruins’.  Marijn holds an MA in Design, Film and Politics (Shadow Channel) from Sandberg Institute.

Matilda Tjäder is an artist building fictional worlds via text, sound, performance and moving image. In her work she develops experimental environments where the familiar interfaces with the unknown, the individual with the collective, and memories with the absence of sentience. By plugging into existing infrastructures, she takes great pleasure in revising their invisible protocols and designs via storytelling, ambient installations and absurd scenarios. In April 2022 “Clones” was released (commissioned by HTSU Cooperative, NL) – an album of sonic fictions in 20 tracks/chapters – that since has been presented in numerous variations and venues such as Norbergfestival (Norberg, SE), Ashley (Berlin, DE), rile* (Brussels, BE) and Inkonst (Malmö, SE). 

Tzu Ni Hung: Space and sound, sound and body, body and machine, machine and ritual, ritual and poetry, poetry and space. In a social landscape filled to the brim with busy work, Tzu Ni seeks to create a setting or an environment where a listener or viewer might enter into a dream state, momentarily isolated from the outer world, and in that space be able to more intensely perceive one’s frame of mind & body. Her installations explore the reciprocal relation formed between light as it is constructed and sound as it is embodied in a space, as well as the environments where they are interactively engaged.

Lithic Alliance deals with the potentiality of geological environments, the relationships they are engaged with and produced by, as well as their ontological significance in the creation of systems. The project, initiated in 2020 by Swiss artist Daniel V. Keller who graduated with a MFA from Goldsmiths London and a BFA from Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, engages with the lithosphere as an active agent in the construction of these relationships, and aims to crystalize their polyphonic agencies in a more-than-human world. The research that underpins Lithic Alliance focuses on the mineralized co-inhabitants of this planet and their transformations which shape the present, namely their status as massively accelerated mined resources within current social structures and power relations. By digging into the realms of animisms, rights of nature and ways of communicating within ecologies, it investigates connections spanning over vast temporalities to identify phenomenological correspondence. Lithic Alliance sees itself as a fluid compound of diverse constituents, and seeks to manifest these enquiries through visual and performative methods collaboratively. 

Lou Drago is a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary artist who weaves connections between anti-racist-queer-feminisms, meditation, the healing potential of sound, and the necessity for collectivity and connectivity during neoliberal times. Lou's recent artistic works combine their experiential-theoretical research with their sound-based practice to create what they call 'listening occasions' for being-together and being with oneself, with others. Since 2017 they have been curating and producing, Transience, a bi-monthly show on Cashmere Radio. Transience focuses on ambient, experimental, drone, and experient music that aims to offer anxiety relief for its listeners. Guests are invited to create a temporary suspension of reality, where the listener can speculate on alternate futures free from systems of oppression. They have shown work, curated shows and spoken on panels across Europe and internationally.
With support from the the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.
10:00 pm
Sat, 03 Dec 2022

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