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ICA Creatives Takeover
Institute of Contemporary Arts

ICA Creatives is excited to present an ambitious takeover, where we will celebrate the collective work of 60 young people who participated in the ICA Creatives workshops. 

These workshops are part of a six-month artist-led programme designed to support emerging talent, foster creativity and create access to the arts. Organized into four strands — Performance, Poetry, Cinema, and Sound — participants have created music and films, explored clowning and movement, written and performed poetry, and co-created soundscapes. Throughout the programme, they have collaborated, gained access to specialist skills and equipment, built social connections, and engaged in discussions about the intersection of art, life, politics, and well-being. 

We invite you to join us on Saturday 18 May, for a showcase of the work produced and curated by these young people. This event will feature poetry readings, zine workshops, film screenings, the launch of a sound deck, sonic installations, and live performances. It promises to be an immersive experience celebrating the creativity, talent and learnings of our participants. 

In collaboration with Lexy Morvaridi, Laima Leyton, Turab Shah, Arwa Aburawa, Lauren Silver, Oshanti Ahmed and Fathima Zahra, as well as Nisha Eswaran, Betty Ignatova, and Sarah Tarry. 

ICA Creatives has been made possible by the support of Arts Council England, Westminster Council and Art Fund. 

A more detailed schedule of the afternoon will be available soon.

More information about our ICA Creatives programme can be found here:  https://www.ica.art/learning/creatives
03:00 pm
Sat, 18 May 2024
This is a free event to make it accessible for our young audiences. We invite donations to bolster our mission of providing essential creative opportunities to young people at no cost through our program. Our goal is to empower individuals aged 16-30 by imparting vital skills and fostering experiences that nurture their creative potential. Please follow the link below to further support this cause. 


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