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Dungeons n GPs: Medical RPG
Institute of Contemporary Arts

A night of radical imagining where we will toy with the healthcare system and its future through role play and fun. Based on the traditions of worldbuilding and imagination in RPGs (role play games), we’ll recreate the games we play to navigate the medical system in the magical world of zoom. Think cluedo, but camp.

 No RPG experience needed (we don’t have any either!), just come with ur compassion and play a game in someone else’s shoes.

bare minimum is 6-person interdisciplinary anti-work arts collective. we hate working, hustling, neoliberal self-improvement, wage labour and surplus value, private property, how work eats into our time, our love, our ability to make things in earnest. we are a group of friends who needed a formal structure to give ourselves the permission to make things. we are lazy, queer & many of us are disabled. members include Diamond Abdulrahim, Vera Chapiro, Christie Costello, Lola Olufemi, Christine Pungong, and Leo Woods. 

This event has been postponed. Check the website and our social channels for updates.