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Documentary: The Promise Of Happiness?
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Palace, dir. Jo Prichard, UK 2021, 29 min.

Emerging from a programme presenting films of collective joy, lost futures, and repaired pasts, these films reveal the instability of happiness. A deliberately intergenerational selection, we see fluctuations in expressions of potentiality and merriment at various stages in life, in recognition of how much pleasure in life can rely on the possibilities we are afforded from the outset, the places we live and the people we have around us. 

From queer clubs to bingo halls, by way of psychic readings and the ecstatic outcomes of divorce, the promise of happiness and its lasting potential come into question in these films.

The Sparrow is Free, dir. Niki Kohandel, UK 2021, 14 min.
Son of Sodom, dir. Theo Montoya, Colombia 2021, 15 min.
Slip Living, dir. Ashley Defoe, UK 2021, 4 min.
A Love Letter to the Basement, dir. Sweatmother, UK 2021, 6 min.
The Palace, dir. Jo Prichard, UK 2021, 29 min.
Plans for the Future, dir. Dana Venezia, UK 2021, 13 min.
You Are Here, dir. Oliwia Kamieniecka & Aliyah Ahmed, UK 2021, 9 min.
07:00 pm
Fri, 21 Jan 2022
Cinema 1
Content warning: Mentions of domestic abuse

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