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Meteors, Dir. Gürcan Keltek, Netherlands/Turkey, 2017, 84 min, Kurdish/Turkish with English subtitles

At night, in a Kurdish town in eastern Turkey, meteors start to fall. Stepping out of their homes to look, the city’s inhabitants encounter fragments of the past and remember those who have been lost. In this environment, the tracing of absences becomes both an imaginative and a political act; the impact of the violence which has scarred the area has been erased from official records, leaving memories and stories to fill the gaps.

Focusing on the troubled history of this conflict-stricken area, Meteors deftly interweaves its cosmological framework with astute political commentary, exploring the ethics of how we remember the stories, places and voices which have disappeared.

This film is presented and distributed by ICA CINEMA in keeping with its intention to shed light on works that push the boundaries of cinematic language and represent the under-represented on screen. It is available for bookings. Meteors premiered in the UK as part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2018.
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Fri, 07 Dec 2018
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