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Drawn By Desire: Women’s Animation on Sex
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Hi Stranger, Dir. Kristen Lepore, USA, 2017, 3 min, English

Sex is a ubiquitous subject in art, but often falls into tired tropes. Looking to the medium of short form animation, Nobody Ordered Wolves asks how we can create new ways of looking at sex in hopes of finding new ways of thinking about sex, beyond the coy and often pornographic.

Animation creates a unique safe space for women animators to visualise desire, reshape sexuality and say what is otherwise unsayable about bodies brought together, showing sex away from the male gaze. The films in this programme range from the nakedly educational, via the confessional, to the absurd and delightful. Standby for a seminar on the clitoris, that moment when a cartoon teddy realises 'I like girls' and a pansexual plasticine softboi – in short, sex and all it can mean to us. 77 min


Renata Gąsiorowska, Pussy, 2016, 8 min
Eleanor Sikorski, Drawing My Orgasms 1, 2017, 2 min
Lori Malépart-Traversy, Le Clitoris, 2016, 3 min
Signe Baumane, Teat Beat of Sex 1, 2007, 3 min
Eleanor Sikorski, Drawing My Orgasms 2, 2017, 2 min
Naomi Uman, Removed, 1999, 7 min
Anna Ginsburg, Private Parts, 2015, 4 min
Jeanette Bonds, Trusts & Estates, 2013, 5 min
Eleanor Sikorski, Drawing My Orgasms 3, 2017, 2 min
Kristen Lepore, Hi Stranger, 2016, 3 min
Sawako Kabuki, Master Blaster, 2015, 4 min
Signe Baumane, Teat Beat of Sex 2, 2007, 3 min
Diane Obomsawin, I Like Girls, 2016, 8 min
Veronica L. Montaño / Manuela Leuenberger / Lukas Suter, Ivan’s Need, 2015, 6 min
Kitty Faingold, Body World, 2017, 7 min
Marta Pajek, Impossible Figures, 2018, 10 min
01:00 pm
Sat, 19 Jan 2019
Cinema 1

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