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UK PREMIERE Life: Untitled
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022
Life: Untitled (タイトル、拒絶) , dir. Kana Yamada, Japan 2019, 98 min., Japanese with English subtitles, 15

In the ramshackle office of one of Tokyo’s inconspicuous, low-rent escort services, the lives of the call girls waiting for their next client intersect and are laid bare in all their day-to-day humdrum with visits to local love hotels, and the inevitable rivalries and catfights. Kano (Sairi Itoh), who acts as a caretaker for the girls, tries her best to defuse any potential drama, but their already tenuous peace is thrown into disarray when a new girl with model proportions joins the force, and the hierarchy among the girls shifts, creating a new slew of issues.

This feature film debut from Kana Yamada (head of the ROJI9 theatre company) is an adaptation of a stage play she penned herself. Rather than exploiting the stereotypes often attached to the sex industry, Yamada offers a more humanistic view of the lives of these women trying to make a living as best they know how.
08:50 pm
Fri, 04 Feb 2022
Cinema 1
08:55 pm
Tue, 08 Feb 2022
Cinema 1
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