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Keiken / Lawrence Lek + Clifford Sage
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Courtesy Lawrence Lek and Clifford Sage. Initial iteration commissioned by Dazed Beauty

An evening of events including live performances by Keiken and collaborators, and Lawrence Lek and Clifford Sage.

Keiken and collaborators Sakeema Crook, Sophie Mars, Off World, Suzannah Pettigrew and George Jasper Stone present a live event, Feel(s) 360 in the ICA Theatre incorporating multi-screen projection, 360 video, gaming environments, sound and performance. Exploring the body and its relationship to new technologies, this one-off event immerses the viewer in Keiken’s extended reality of collaborations and exchange. The event hosts the world debut of Off World’s interactive 360 Livestream.

ProGeo is an audio-visual performance by Lawrence Lek and Clifford Sage as part of their ongoing collaboration. Working across sound and moving image, the artists incorporate gaming technology in the creation of a live video work and their live-sequenced soundtrack.

This event is programmed as part of Image Behaviour, the ICA’s annual convening dedicated to experiments in artists’ moving image, considering the intersectional, cross-disciplinary possibilities of the medium.
Keiken, meaning ‘experience’ in Japanese, is a cross-dimensional collaborative practice founded in 2015 by artists Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori, Isabel Ramos and collaborators. Based in London and Berlin, they use moving-image, new media installation, virtual/augmented reality and performative lectures to test-drive impending futures in the realms of the ‘phygital’ (physical and digital). When working collectively Keiken become part of a fluid entity, an open-source ecosystem: with interchangeable roles, collaborators shape, challenge and transform projects. Alongside their long-term collaborator George Jasper Stone, Keiken were recently commissioned and exhibited Feel My Metaverse for Jerwood Art's Collaborate!, London (2019). Keiken have toured their performative lecture Honey, I’m Data! at IMPAKT Festival, Utrecht and Hervisions at LUX Moving Image and Space Art + Technology, London (2018). Keiken were also part of the panel Technology and its Intersections at ICA, London (2019). They have exhibited and curated at CTM and Transmediale’s Vorspiel festival, Berlin (2018), MIRA Festival, Barcelona (2018) and U Studio at Tate St Ives (2017).

Sakeema Crook is an international dance artist and trans activist. Sakeema has toured works by Shobana Jeyasingh, Fevered Sleep, Holly Blakey, Hubert Essakow, Alexander Whitley and Gandini Juggling. Sakeema also vogues and is an active part of the London Ballroom Scene. Sakeema recently collaborated with Keiken and George Jasper Stone for Jerwood Arts’ Jerwood Collaborate!. Future projects include a new creation with Holly Blakey.

George Jasper Stone is a CGI artist and content designer based in London who collaborates with artists and designers to produce short films, live visuals and graphics. His work is characterised by vignettes and scenes that blend digital experiences with physical entities using intuitive, digital processes. Holding the algorithmic with the real world that interlinks fantasy and reality, he transcodes data from these physical environments to digital landscapes. His practice engages in bridging the critical with aesthetics and cinematics to create accessible, detailed and fantastical symbiotics.

Sophie Mars is a performance artist, dance movement therapist, curator and body researcher based in Berlin. She is interested in participatory, sensory and immersive work exploring collective energy and idiosyncratic ritual as new means of viewing and transforming space both physically and ontologically. Always interrogating the role of the body in today’s digital context, her themes include intimacy, sexuality, virtual reality, spirituality and healing. Mars has performed across Europe, the US and South America, including at Mira Digital Arts Festival, Barcelona; Matadero, Madrid; and SESC, Sao Paolo.

Suzannah Pettigrew is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London. Pettigrew's practice explores the collective/singular experience and exchange between online/offline realities in post-human society. Adapting a multitude of mediums including video, performance, text and installation, Pettigrew interrogates the systems, imagery and language we use to communicate and receive information in our contemporary landscape. Pettigrew produces works within an autonomous practice and as part of collective projects. Recent exhibitions and performances include: Honey, I’m Data! with Keiken at IMPAKT Festival, Utrecht and Space, London; Safety Glass at LUX, London; Intrapsychic Crisis at Guest Projects, London; and Care Stranding with Keiken at CTM and Transmediale’s Vorspiel Festival, Berlin.

Lawrence Lek is an artist and musician based in London. Upcoming releases include Temple OST and AIDOL OST. Recent exhibitions include Farsight Freeport, HeK Basel (2019), AIDOL, Sadie Coles HQ, London (2019), Nøtel, Stroom den Haag, The Hague (2018), 2065, K11, Hong Kong (2018), Rendered Cities, ApexArt, New York (2018), Art Night London (2017). Lek received the 2017 Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Award, and the 2015 Dazed Emerging Artist Award.

Clifford Sage (AKA recsund) is an artist and musician based in London. Currently, they are pursuing their interests in virtual world building and developing interactive audio-visual projects. Recent projects include recsund Tuner, AGM, Somerset House Studios, London (2018) and Club Adriatico, Ravenna, IT (2018); Nexus II (with Quantum Natives), Rewire Festival, The Hague, NL (2018); Lost Senses (with Lawrence Lek), Guest Projects, London (2017); ProDancer, ICA, London (2017).
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This performance includes haze and strobe effects as well as high volume audio. Please feel free to ask a member of staff for earplugs if you are sensitive to loud sounds. 

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IFSR (I feel so relaxed), 2019, George Jasper Stone and Suzannah Pettigrew Soundscape: cktrl
Feel(s) 360, 2019, Keiken, Sakeema Crook, Sophie Mars, Off World, Suzannah Pettigrew and George Jasper Stone. Soundscape: Khidja. Garments: Agf HYDRA ( HYDRA Sartorial Latex uniform offsprings). Keiken are supported by Arts Council England.
Feel My Metaverse, 2019, Keiken and George Jasper Stone. Collaborators: Sakeema Crook, Linda Rocco, Charlotte Oppenheim and Khidja. Originally created for Jerwood Arts Collaborate! Supported by Arts Council England, SECT. Jerwood Arts Collaborate! runs until 15 December 2019 at Jerwood Arts