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Jean-Luc Godard: It’s Not Blood, It’s Red
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Friday 29 Sep – Sunday 1 Oct 2023

Pierrot le fou, dir. Jean-Luc Godard, France / Italy 1965, 110 min., French with English subtitles, 15.

‘Not blood, red.’

Jean-Luc Godard’s response to an impertinent interviewer's question about why there is so much blood in Pierrot le fou, is in some ways the perfect introduction to the artifice at the centre of much of Godard’s 1960s work, and the transformative power it is imbued with.

The combination of art and death, reality and fiction and the infinitely varied connections that can be drawn between them, have of course long held a prominent place in Godard’s work. From his unbridled, and inevitably tragic, lovers on the run caper Pierrot le fou to his pronouncement of the death of cinema in Weekend, the intrinsic role of colour in these explorations has long entranced and confounded in equal measure. As the writer Colin McCabe once remarked during an interview with Godard in 1980 "Although colour's very important in your work, I couldn't find any way to talk about it…I'm convinced there's something there but I can't say it."

The ICA is delighted to present a small programme of four films that remain endlessly entrancing examples of Godard’s unique approach to both art, death, and colour.

Tickets £5 – £13, £5 if you’re 25 or under.
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A white woman leans in to kiss a white man, holding his cigarette in her hand to do so

Friday 29 Sep, 6:30pm 
Pierrot le fou
Godard’s reflexive take on the lovers on the run film is a cine-literate collage of pop-art colour, B-movie violence and anti-consumerist satire.

A white woman with dark brown hair, with a fringe, looks directly to camera. The background is a wall that remnants of posters and paint

Saturday 30 Sep, 2:30pm
An irreverent and formally inventive detective film that playfully combines pulp fiction with existential philosophy and ’60s pop music.

A white woman points a gun out from between stacks of red books, her face and arms have blood on, the background is a red curtain

Saturday 30 Sep, 4:30pm
A tour-de-force of primary colours, Godard turns his attention the nascent left-wing student organisations coalescing across France in this mordant satire.

A man walks away from burning cars, two bodies are in the road

Sunday 1 Oct, 4pm
A bracingly funny, fire and brimstone evisceration of contemporary society, all-consuming ideologies and rampant consumerism.