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In Focus: Patricio Guzmán
Institute of Contemporary Arts
From Fri 9 June 2023

Filmmaker Patricio Guzmán sitting at a table, his hand on a stack of reels. The photo is in black and white. He's wearing round glasses and a striped tshirt

To celebrate the release of Patricio Guzmán’s latest film My Imaginary Country, the ICA pays tribute to the documentarian with a programme of four of his films, including his astonishing trilogy of films exploring the topography and tragedy of Chile’s history.

A statue is scaled by Chilean protesters against a smokey, fiery orange sunset

Until Thu 29 June
My Imaginary Country
Patricio Guzmán’s latest film documents the protests that exploded onto the streets of Chile’s capital of Santiago in 2019.

A boat of pearl divers traverses a silver-purple lake. In the sky, the sun casts a long reflection into the water, and two moons float

Tue 27 June, 1:10pm
The Pearl Button
Delving into the nearly-religious significance of water, this rumination on memory and loss bridges the gap between its mystical origins, Pinochet’s coup d’état, and the secret of a mother-of-pearl button at the bottom of the sea.

A huge snowcapped mountain range lies behind the tops of concrete buildings of a city

Wed 21 June, 6:40pm
The Cordillera of Dreams
Patricio Guzmán sets out on a journey through the Andes as he attempts to reconstruct Chile’s history and find a lost memory.

Satellites in the Atacama Desert are pointed towards the sky

Nostalgia For The Light
A documentary about two different searches conducted in the Chilean Atacama Desert: one by astronomers looking for answers about the history of the cosmos, and one by women looking for the remains of loved ones killed by Pinochet’s regime.