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Collective Mobilisation
Institute of Contemporary Arts
From 26 May 2022

A Pleasure, Comrades! (Prazer, Camaradas!), dir. José Filipe Costa, Portugal, 2019

Collective Mobilisation includes seven features and one collection of three shorts, all produced by the two prolific and cutting-edge independent companies TERRATREME and Uma Pedra no Sapato. The first screening of each film will be introduced – in person or virtually – by its director or a fellow member of the creative team, shedding new light on the new wave of young filmmakers emerging from Portugal.  
TERRATREME is a Lisbon-based collective founded in 2008 by a group of emerging directors. Born the same year, Uma Pedra no Sapato focuses on presenting innovative perspectives on our realities to international audiences.  
Collective Mobilisation is the latest in a series of collaborations between TERRATREME, Uma Pedra no Sapato and the ICA – not least at FRAMES of REPRESENTATION, the ICA’s annual film festival dedicated to the cinema of the real. This year’s edition opened with Dry Ground Burning, which closes the season and will be distributed across the UK by ICA CINEMA later this year.

From 27 May
Joana Pontes’ insightful film explores the history of Portuguese colonialism through the photographs taken to tell its story.

From 3 June 
The force of destiny and the power of love combine in Cláudia Varejão’s beautiful portrait of people who can’t live without one another.

From 10 June
A Portuguese man in his sixties looks back on his working life in Susana Nobre’s gentle and likeable portrait.

From 17 June
A Brazilian woman vanishes without trace from her failing relationship in Maria Clara Escobar’s compelling drama.

From 24 June
Three short films by emerging Portuguese directors come together to create an engaging snapshot of life in 21st-century Portugal.

PREVIEW + Q&A: 30 June 
More screenings from 1 July
After the Carnation Revolution, the sexual revolution – a story retold by Portuguese director José Filipe Costa in this delightful feature.

From 5 August
Luísa Homem’s captivating biopic explores the pioneering life of a French geographer who was driven to explore the world.

From 2 September
Adirley Queirós and Joana Pimenta explore the turbulence of contemporary Brazil through the prism of an all-female gang who hijack a pipeline for the sake of their community.