Casanova Gene + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Casanova Gene, Dir. Luise Donschen, Germany, 2018, 67 mins, German with English subtitles

Luise Donschen’s highly inventive feature debut explores the nature of seduction and desire through a series of surprising and irreverent tableaux. Captured on rich 16mm by cinematographer Helena Wittmann, the film combines fiction, documentary, interview and performance. Moving from a portrait of a dominatrix and her clients; to a biological investigation into the mating habits of finches; via an unlikely encounter with John Malkovich (in character as Casanova himself) and some strange scenes in a singles bar straight out of a Fassbinder film, Donschen’s free-form essay on the rules of attraction explores the complexities of gender, identity, and sexuality with humour, intelligence and wit.
Screens with:
21,3 °C, Helena Wittmann, 2014, Germany, 16 mins
OFF, Helena Wittmann, Luise Donschen, 2018, Germany, 12 mins
06:30 pm
Thu, 06 Sep 2018
Cinema 1

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This UK Premiere includes a Q&A with the sound designer Nika Breithaupt.