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Brothers of the Night
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Brothers of the Night (Brüder der Nacht), dir. Patric Chiha, Austria 2016, 88 min., German with English subtitles

Set amid the shady, twilit underworld of a Viennese pick-up bar, Patric Chiha’s third long-form work tracks the complex everyday lives of a group of young Roma men who support themselves and their families back in Bulgaria by selling their bodies to other men. Ambition and imagination blends with routine and work in the ongoing, endless night of the Café Rudiger and its denizens, with Chiha blending documentary and fiction filmmaking as he investigates the bonds and tensions between ethnicities and expressions of sexualities. Chiha’s ongoing exploration of the moving (sexual) body as an empowering, political tool continues with If It Were Love (2020), also screening in Cinema 3.
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07:00 pm
Tue, 19 Jan 2021
Cinema 3
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