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Wednesday 22 April 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


We are happy to premiere the new music video for Wild Daughter’s song ‘Bed Bugs’, directed by Richard Hawkins – a collaboration between two close friends of the organisation: James Main, singer of Wild Daughter, described by The Guardian as ‘a scuzzy, Suicide and Cramps-inspired rock’n’roll band’, they performed last year a sold-out concert at the ICA; and Richard Hawkins, one of my favourite LA-artists, who supports the ICA by making this cheeky little edition especially for us. In an recent interview for Interview Magazine, Richard talks about his rural Texan teenage upbringing, film and early LA memories, including a funny ‘encounter’ with Leonardo DiCaprio:
I have a celebrity anecdote of Leonardo from the early ’90s when I was in some kind of goth-metal phase, probably in my late 20s or something. My room was eggplant purple and it had these black spiderweb curtains overlooking a courtyard. At that point, my hair was dyed black, I wore a wife beater with a padlock and chain around my neck, I was thin as a rail and pale as Morticia, and I heard something outside so I went to the window and there were two boys and a woman standing outside underneath this big avocado tree. One of the avocados fell, causing the boys to lookup at my window, and there were these eyes looking like, ‘What sort of Flowers in the Attic ghost girl is this?’ It was Leo, shopping for a house with his mom. He jumped back, spit the gum out of his mouth, dropped his Game Boy on the ground, and started running.
Stefan Kalmár

Distinguished theatre director Katie Mitchell presents Alice Birch’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. Featuring Mitchell’s signature use of multimedia, this production combines performance, live video and on-floor costume changes that deliver Orlando on a queer journey through 400 years of the patriarchal history of humankind. Watch the performance live at 5pm BST tonight – an unmissable part of the Schaubühne’s incredible online schedule.
Rosalie Doubal

Some of the most popular and heavily debated images posted on social media nowadays are the ones creating connections between capitalism and the spread of the virus. Within this context, I was fascinated by the accessibility and contemporary relevance that such a pivotal text as Karl Marx’s Das Kapital still holds today. This understanding can be facilitated by the insightful reading and context analysis offered by renowned professor and critic of capitalism David Harvey who, with clarity and growing awareness, exposes the reasons why the free market economy is incompatible to deliver the society that we need.
Nico Marzano


I begin to think I write to keep control of the present. And when I’m not interested in the present, when I’m waiting for something to happen, then I don’t write so regularly, the notes become sporadic avoidances.
While searching for books to inspire my writing, I discovered Notes from a Black Woman’s Diary (2019), a collection of letters, plays, film scripts, journal entries and chapters from an unfinished novel written by the poet, playwright, filmmaker and educator Kathleen Collins. Today I’m sharing an extract published by The Paris Review in January 2019. I also recommend her semi-autobiographical film Losing Ground (1982).
Nydia Swaby


Released in January 2020 on Halcyon Veil, soaring wayne phoenix story the earth by Wayne Phoenix was originally recorded ten years ago. It’s a complicated album that fluctuates between articulation and feeling, with most tracks being less than two minutes long. For me, the album felt like an exercise, a meditation and an audio-journal.
Sara Sassanelli


The Guardian Foundation’s Scott Trust Bursaries support aspiring journalists hoping to study for an MA in journalism. They cover fees, some living expenses and the possibility of further opportunities. This year’s deadline has been extended until 31 May, with the foundation looking for applications from people with backgrounds underrepresented in the current media landscape.
Steven Cairns

Track of the Day

The Cramps: Human Fly

I’m a human fly
I spell (it) F-L-Y
I say buzz buzz buzz
and it’s just because
I’m a human fly
and I don’t know why
I’ve got 96 tears
and 96 eyes

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