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Tuesday 9 June 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts


Not only do they all need to go, but when will we be willing to address reparation payments to all those who were forced into slavery, and to their families living here today?

We nearly made it out alive, reads the refrain of this moving poem. Olivia Douglass is a South London writer and artist whose work focuses on Black queer experience, intimacy and the decolonisation of imagery and language. Their debut collection Slow Tongue was released in 2018.


A friend sent over a link to this podcast, particularly recommending ‘Midnight On The Clock Of The World’ in which Robin D.G. Kelley responds to sociality, empathy, Thelonious Monk, jazz and Black Feminism in context of the pandemic.


Time magazine has compiled this list of films selected by a number of U.S.-based film programmers, addressing the long and ongoing fight for racial justice.


Today is the last day to watch Arthur Jafa’s akingdoncomethas, streaming via MoMA from 5pm BST. In this Instagram interview with Thomas Lax, Arthur discusses the work’s context and it’s relationship to his earlier video Love is the Message, The Message Is Death (2016).

Track of the Day

Most of my crimes are of optimism
40 thousand volts of recognition
They tried to strip me of dignity
But I still have tenacity

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