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Monday 23 November 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022


Yen Chun Lin: Where the Spirit of Memory Goes 
Yen Chun Lin is an artist working with immersive soundscape, moving image and speculative science. Her work investigates the ambiguities often devalued by assumed knowledge, situated between rational science and the classification of the unexplainable and supernatural. This moving image work is best experienced with headphones.
Filmmaker Ksenia Okhapkina on her feature Immortal
‘It is so easy to come together and take the streets when people in government take important decisions about your life – why doesn’t it happen more? I think it’s fear that doesn’t let people act in a rational way, which is connected to the history of Russia very tightly. For at least one hundred years people were oppressed, put in prison killed for expressing their opinion on politics publicly.’

Immortal is part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2020 and is available to stream for seven days from 29 November, 4pm GMT.
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Mike Kelley: Cross Gender / Cross Genre
This paper was originally presented on 26 September, 1999, by the late Mike Kelley at the steirischer herbst festival in Graz, Austria, as part of the panel discussion series ‘Re-Make/Re-Model Secret Histories of Art, Pop, Life, and the Avantgarde’.

The soundtrack to artist Lawrence Lek’s recent film AIDOL will be released on 27 November by Hyperdub, part of Lek’s Sinofuturism series. Watch ‘Followers (Diva’s Theme)’ featuring Diva, a central character in the film who performs in Lek’s post-AI world.

Track of the Day

Mary J. Blige: When You’re Gone (1 Mic 1 Take) (2014)

Seems like we were right
But you always have a problem with everything
Appreciate your advice
But sometimes I have trouble managing
Now that I’m paying attention
I see how beautiful you are
But when you spend so much time together
That image can get so dark

But when you’re gone
I miss you like I did when we were first together
No one in this world could ever hold me better
Just tell me when you're coming home

When you’re gone
I miss you like you took a piece of me with ya
Didn’t think I’d care that much, did ya?
Just tell me when you’re coming home

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David Bowie in X. Capees, a San Francisco Punk Photo Documentary, 1981, featured in the essay ‘Cross Gender / Cross Genre’ by Mike Kelley. Photo courtesy f-stop Fitzgerald.