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ICA is closed from the 30 May – 3 June inclusive.
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Monday 23 March 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Good Morning,
We here at the ICA thought in order to get us all through these coming weeks and months, we would share with you every morning at 10am GMT some links you might find useful, inspiring, informative or that simply cheer you up while self-isolating, social-distancing, working from home or working to keep essential services going.
Each morning, the ICA curators Rosy, Sara, Steve, Nydia, Nico and myself will select what we think is worth watching, reading or listening to.
The days ahead will be unprecedented for all of us; but it is also never too early to start to think about the future – maybe coming out of this together with a renewed sense of solidarity and civic purpose.
So, watch out for your ICA Daily, feel free to share.  
We will soon announce a series of live-streaming events over at our social channels.
Stay well, stay tuned, and watch out for each other!
Stefan Kalmár


Around 900 ICA Talks from from 1982 – 1993 are available to listen to online as part the British Library Sounds collection, including lectures from the likes of Julia Kristeva, Chinua Achebe, Nawal El-Saadawi, Derek Jarman and Jenny Holzer.
Rosalie Doubal

Ojerime's latest mixtape, B4 I Breakdown is a mix of dark, melancholic R&B with emotion-filled vocals.
Sara Sassanelli


Download Dennis Cooper's 10th novel Zac’s Haunted House (or read online). Cooper's graphic tale of abject horror is a tightly wound work beyond words.
(Disclaimer: this work contains themes of horror and adult content.)
Steven Cairns


‘Bachman once said: “No new world without new language.” Careful when politicians use the war metaphor when talking about a pandemic.’
Stefan Kalmár

Human beings forget they created the images in order to orientate themselves in the world. Since they are no longer able to decode them, their lives become a function of their own images: Imagination has turned into hallucination. – Vilém Flusser
‘A short film about the power and consumption of images in relation to migration.’
Nico Marzano

This collection of intimate video portraits highlights the stories and experiences of everyday Jamaicans, while giving a platform to different modes of creative expression.
Nydia Swaby

Track of the Day

That song was written based on me having a good day. You know, I can have 20 bad days. I can have as many bad days as anyone. But I choose to say, I’m just fine. Right now. So it’s OK to have those days. So instead of coming with something ungrateful to the universe, how about I come with something first that's says, ‘You know what? It's OK. Enjoy this day if you’re having a great day.’ – Mary J. Blige

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Wolfgang Tillmans, Anemones 20March2020