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Latin America Monthly: Orione
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Orione, Dir. Toia Bonino, Argentina, 2017, 67 mins, Spanish with English subtitles

Nuanced and unsettling, Orione reflects on the inevitable imbrication of the personal and political in a Buenos Aires neighbourhood. 

Alejandro ‘Ale’ Robles was a gang member betrayed by a friend and killed by police. Through a series of engaging and sometimes uneasily juxtaposed fragments, director Toia Bonino evokes different aspects of his life: at one moment, the camera dwells on the warmth of his mother’s memories; at another, archival footage confronts us with the violence of his crimes. Splintering across the film, these varied visual and sonic strands resist easy assimilation into any single narrative, building a complex picture of a man – and a society – full of contradictions. 

Orione premiered in the UK as part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2018.
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07:00 pm
Thu, 25 Mar 2021
Cinema 3
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Orione will be available to stream until 1 April, 7pm. Tickets purchased for this film will be valid until the final streaming time.

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