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Gold Is All There Is
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Gold Is All There Is (Tutto l’oro che c’è), dir. Andrea Caccia, Italy / Switzerland, 100 min., no dialogue

By the banks of a Lombardy river, time passes slowly and life takes its course without fanfare. Birds, ants, deer and other wildlife here take little notice of the humans in their midst – including five men, each at a different stage of life, each alone in the park and each apparently seeking something different from the waters and the land that surrounds it.

Reality takes on the qualities of a fairytale, a crime novel even a coming-of-age story in this natural theatre. 
The latest work from Italian filmmaker Andrea Caccia eschews conventional story in favour of a unique, deliberate suspended narration. Caccia takes in what he sees with a calm, pleasing precision – and through this beautiful piece of non-fiction film-making, he encourages the viewer to do the same.
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07:00 pm
Thu, 28 Jan 2021
Cinema 3
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Gold Is All There Is is available to stream for seven days from 28 January, 7pm

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