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Foedora (online)
Institute of Contemporary Arts

In May 2016, a new museum dedicated to Palestinian history and culture opened in Ramallah. Inaugurated with no exhibition, the museum remained empty for several months until a first exhibition devoted to Jerusalem was organised.  

The film takes place over this transition period, during the construction of a dream city, in sharp contrast with a political reality that makes the future prospects for a Palestinian State increasingly hypothetical.
Judith Abensour’s delicate work echoes and reflects on current events; in a context marked by violence in the region, but also by a new form of questioning about the place of cultural institutions in our society.  

Foedora is an ICA Exclusive project.
Currently not available
07:00 pm
Fri, 09 Jul 2021
Cinema 3
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Judith Abensour in conversation with Nat Muller