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Exaggerated Claims: Power and Pleasure in Poetry (online)
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Image courtesy of Paige Murphy

Recordings from an evening of poetry with six contemporary writers: Paige Murphy, Cassandra Troyan, Aisha Mirza, Mercedes Eng, Irene Silt and Maya Martinez. Each poet’s work directly resists the carceral state, boldly imagining new ways of relation, self-organisation and – through refusal – spaces for hope and possibility. Disinterested in respectability and self-censorship, the readings in this event embrace experimental irreverence: sometimes playfully erotic, sometimes taut with tension, each concerned with power and pleasure.

Originally presented as part of the Decriminalised Futures exhibition
London-based poet Paige Murphy’s previous work has been published in Salvage, Datableed and Ludd Gang. Their pamphlet Ich is forthcoming this year from Veer2.

Decriminalised Futures is a collaborative project using creative tools to explore a broad range of topics that impact the lives of sex workers. The project is focused on supporting art and education that speak to a multiplicity of sex worker experiences, intersect with sex worker rights and connect with broader social struggles.
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Available to watch until Sunday 22 May 2022, 11pm

Captioned, English subtitles