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Bird Island
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Bird Island, dir. Maya Kosa and Sergio Da Costa, Switzerland 2019, French with English subtiles

Toing and froing between reality and fiction, Maya Kosa and Sergio Da Costa’s brazen documentary captures the quirky ambiance that reigns over a highly unusual refuge, where birds and people in pain struggle to rediscover the desire to live. 

Set in the grounds of the Ornithological Rehabilitation Center in Switzerland, this allegorical tale of disarming candor unfolds like a harsh dreamlike lullaby, tuning into the unrelenting pace of nature. A blend of tableaux-vivants, scarce and precise dialogue, offbeat humor and subtle nuances that fill in all life’s gaps.
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07:00 pm
Thu, 27 May 2021
Cinema 3
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Bird Island will be available to stream until 3 June, 7pm. Tickets purchased for this film will be valid until the final streaming time. 

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