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a black mass – in instance no.4
Institute of Contemporary Arts
December 2022

a black mass – in instance no.4, Felix Taylor, UK 2021, 10 min. 1 sec.

a black mass – in instance no.4 brings together fragments of speech, field recordings and an original musical score to consider the ways we care for ourselves and others. Building on Taylor’s ongoing research, the work comprises a series of recorded conversations conducted by the artist with his family and friends, alongside field recordings and ambient music. These samples are combined through a custom-built computer programme made by Taylor, titled a black mass, which uses a series of algorithms to arrange each audio fragment into a rich, multilayered sonic tapestry. The resulting piece is a unique audio collage that invites the listener to meditate on love, joy, friendship and resilience in the Black diaspora.
Creator, Performer, Programmer and Mix & Master: Felix Taylor
Interviewees: Frank Taylor, Oscar Taylor, Rabz Lansiquot, Samra Mayanja and Sola Olulode
Executive Producer: Amy Jones (Chisenhale Gallery)
This work was produced for New Creatives, supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts.
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