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Institute of Contemporary Arts
A deck chair floats in water, surrounded by algae and small bits of rubbish
Ungentle, dir. Huw Lemmey & Onyeka Igwe, UK 2022, 37 min., English

‘Created by writer Huw Lemmey and artist Onyeka Igwe, Ungentle (2020) investigates the historical convergence of British espionage and homosexuality, probing themes of secrecy, privacy, deception, and underground knowledge. One of the film’s central locations is St. James’ Park, which lies opposite the ICA and has historically served as both a cruising ground and site of British military and imperial spectacle.’
– Gray Wielebinski

The screening will be introduced by Huw Lemmey.
Screening as a part of the exhibition The Red Sun is High, the Blue Low.

Also: Join Huw Lemmey, Ian Penman and Asa Seresin at Sublime Paranoia on Wed 15 November.

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