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Institute of Contemporary Arts
A white woman with curled hair looks at herself intensely in a bathroom mirror, she holds a small handbag
Safe, dir. Todd Haynes, USA / UK 1995, 114 min., English. 15

‘The troubled housewife at the center of Todd Haynes’ Safe (1995) suffers from an intensifying series of chronic afflictions that she comes to attribute to her everyday surroundings, which ultimately leads her down a rabbit hole of escalating attempts to keep herself protected. With an eerie sense of threat in the mundane, the film explores the promise – and peril – of isolating oneself from contact with the world, an idea explored in the exhibition by the figure of the bunker.’
– Gray Wielebinski

Screening as a part the exhibition The Red Sun is High, the Blue Low.
08:45 pm
Tue, 17 Oct 2023
Cinema 1

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