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Raven Song + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A man sits on a bench in an outside pen of white doves. Another man stands over him
Raven Song, dir. Mohamed Al Salman, Saudi Arabia 2022, 109 min., Arabic with English subtitles

Nasser, an unexceptional washout, is diagnosed with a brain tumor when he meets an enigmatic and peculiar young woman. Infatuated by her and sick of being a failure, he must quickly figure out what he wants to do in life before going through a risky surgery. He decides to reach out to the young woman in the most seductive way there is – a song.

Rooted in the cultural reality of pre-2015 Saudi, where men barely interacted with the opposite sex outside of the confines of marriage, Raven Song is a satire about an absurd love story and a seemingly lost soul. It is Mohamad Al Salman’s first feature film and was Saudi Arabia’s Oscars submission in 2023.
08:00 pm
Sun, 02 Jul 2023
Cinema 1

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