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My Lovely Angel 내겐 너무 소중한 너 + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A young girl playfully places the tip of her finger into a man's palm
My Lovely Angel (내겐 너무 소중한 너), dir. Lee Chang-won, Kwon Sung-mo, South Korea 2021, 100 min.

Jae-sik (Jin Goo) is the owner of an event management company who poured his life’s savings into his work, only to be left drowning in debt. Following the sudden death of his employee Ji-young, Jae-sik finds himself the guardian of Ji-young’s 7-year-old daughter Eun-hye (Jung Seo-yeon), who is Deaf-Blind and has had no contact with anyone other than her mother. At first Jae-sik pretends to be Eun-hye’s father with the intent of claiming the refund of Ji-young’s tenancy deposit, but when he discovers that he can understand Eun-hye’s unique touch-based language, Jae-sik’s previously dull life takes on new colours as Eun-hye's world expands. 

Featuring delicate performances by Jin Goo and Jung Seo-yeon, My Lovely Angel explores the way lives can be changed by communication between people living in different worlds and aims to raise awareness of the barriers faced by Disabled people.
06:20 pm
Tue, 21 Nov 2023
Cinema 1

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