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The Southhall Shift
Institute of Contemporary Arts
London Me Bharat, dir. Vinod Pande

A programme capturing the history of Southall, a once 'small town' in West London that has evolved into the community known as ‘Little India’. This program delves into the profound struggles and triumphs of that community, showcasing its transformative journey in the past 70 years.

These films document the remarkable shift from the arduous immigration struggles of the 1950s to the South Asian community standing up against race-based social, political, and economic discrimination, unveiling the resilience and determination that have shaped this unique enclave. Southall today is a vibrant cultural centre for the South Asian community with a large population contributing significantly to the town's cultural environment.

Through powerful storytelling and compelling visual imagery, The Southall Shift captures the spirit of a community that has not only overcome adversity but has flourished, spreading and nurturing its distinctive culture.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with directors Colin Prescod and Asia Ahmed.

This programme contains scenes of racism, discrimination, language which may be unsuitable for young children, discriminatory/outdated language, violence.​

London Me Bharat, dir. Vinod Pande, UK 1972, 20mins
Bussing, dir. Asia Ahmed, UK 2021, 4mins
Southall: A Town Under Siege, dir. Colin Prescod, UK 1982, 38mins
A Foreign Feeling, dir. Muskaan Ghai, UK 2023, 6mins

Total runtime: 68mins
04:00 pm
Fri, 26 Jan 2024
Cinema 1

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