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LSFF × Cinema Mentiré:
Institute of Contemporary Arts

We have become accustomed to the internet and digital life, which were once new and unfamiliar. The net is now so ingrained in our daily lives that we can barely imagine life without it. We use it to work, to learn, to communicate, and to entertain ourselves. But what does the internet mean for us? How has it changed us? And what does the future hold? Who is the internet?

This programme of Latin American short films explores the internet and our digital nature in a variety of ways. The films are creative, fun, thought-provoking, and sometimes even critical of the internet's impact on our lives.

This program is both a love letter and a critical commentary on the internet. It is an ode to the arrival of home internet and personal computers, and to the ways the internet has transformed our lives. But it is also a reminder that the internet is a powerful tool that can be used for good or for evil. It is up to us to decide how we will use it.

This programme contains sequences of flashing lights which may affect people who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy. 

Ħ❦Ш †⚈ ₡ђ@ηğe̟ ⶖ☻ЏƦ スクリーンセーハ / How to Change your screensaver, dir. Sebastian Saigot, Costa Rica, 7mins. 
Homenaje a la obra de Philip H Gosse, dir. Pablo Martin Weber, Argentina 2020, 23mins
Carpeta Fotos, dir. Florencia Vallejos, Argentina 2020, 5mins
Internet, dir. Sonia Marotta & Dadalú, Chile 2014, 4mins
Amor Por Internet, dir. Las Conquistadoras / Alma Producciones, Bolivia 2010, 5mins
I want to be alone, dir. Molly Soda, Puerto Rico / USA 2023, 3mins
Hyper-reality, dir. Keiichi Matsuda, Colombia 2016, 6mins
Nunca é noite no mapa, dir. Ernesto de Carvalho, Brazil 2016, 6mins
Culture is Business, dir. HNAS (Elena & Daniela Solis), Mexico, 4mins

08:45 pm
Wed, 24 Jan 2024
Cinema 1

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