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Tutto Questo Sentire: Landscapes
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A long haired woman wades through the ocean, her hand over her face, eyes closed, sunset in the background

Landscapes is the latest act of the collective Tutto Questo Sentire, bridging video pieces and live performances to form a single set, involving musicians Kenichi Iwasa, Maxwell Sterling, Jan Hendrickse, Coby Sey, Akihide Monna and light artist Charlie Hope. Featured pieces include Albe, by Sandro Mussida, 2023, for internet real time cameras, saw waves, cello and flutes; Messengers, by Rebecca Salvadori, 2023, film + a/v live set, with Maxwell Sterling, Kenichi Iwasa and the live set of GAISTER, the encounter between experimental soprano Olivia Salvadori, producer and songwriter Coby Sey and drummer Akihide Monna.
Artist Bios
Maxwell Sterling is a composer, producer, musician and artist, originally from Manchester. Maxwell’s debut record Hollywood Medieval (Death of Rave, 2016) set out his fascination with the glitches between the traditions of acoustic and synthesized music. His album Turn of Phrase (AD93, 2021) takes inspiration from both Gregorian chants and hyper-modern digital processing and synthesis. Most recently in early 2022, his EP with Martha Skye Murphy, Distance on Ground (American Dreams, 2022) was released; a tape comprised of two long tracks focusing on the immediacy of musical communication.

Kenichi Iwasa is a London based improviser and multidisciplinary artist from Japan. He plays a variety of instruments including trumpet, flute, percussion and handmade woodwinds, combined with electronic. His main practise is focused on pure improvisation. He is currently working on developing new way of self improvisation for his solo project. He has collaborated with visual artists and musicians such as Beatrice Dillon, Maxwell Sterling, Jesse Kanda and Neneh Cherry.

In his installations and performance the visual artist Charlie Hope combines the use of light, space, video and coding to achieve an extraordinary multi-layered sensory experience for the audience. He has done countless individual and collaborative projects with various galleries, clubs and public spaces across Europe. Charlie Hope co-founded the London Topophobia collective, collaborated with Amsterdam’s HetHEM, London’s ICA and Nottingham Contemporary.

Sandro Mussida’s work investigates the relationships between tradition and innovation in music, active listening, the identity of musical languages and rites. His latest researches involve historical, non-equal-tempered tuning systems questioning its perception by the western, standardised ear. On the intersection between acoustical / classical, electric and electronic fields, he writes for orchestra, chamber and solo instruments, electronics. He performs his music internationally, as a cellist, conductor, or electronic performer. Since 2014, together with visual artist Rebecca Salvadori and soprano Olivia Salvadori curates and produces cross-discipline events with Tutto Questo Sentire (TQS) Collective. His music is published by Sony Classical, Boomkat, Tapeworm, Blume Editions, Metrica, Soave Records, Curl Recordings, Die Schachtel.

GAISTER is the encounter between experimental soprano Olivia Salvadori, producer and songwriter Coby Sey and drummer Akihide Monna. The collaboration started in 2019 on occasion of the London based event series “Exercises on displacement” curated by art collective Tutto Questo Sentire. GAISTER reinforces a common predisposition that goes beyond any different experience, language, musical background of the three artists towards an intuitive approach where sound, voice and words are free to emerge between a conceptual structure and improvisation. Their first upcoming album was recorded at Greenhouse studios in Reykjavik during August 2022 and was conceived as a unique piece; a series of movements following the disposition to be "in a state of listening".

Olivia Salvadori is an experimental soprano, performer and recording artist. Her practice investigates the nature of the voice as an instrument for self-observation. ’I have always perceived the voice as a sculpture, as a vibrating material in which intimate and shared spaces become one, and can be lived and verified in a continuous process, thus becoming the root of vocal experience’. In 2014 she co-funded the art collective Tutto Questo Sentire together with composer and producer Sandro Mussida and video & sound artist Rebecca Salvadori. TQS investigates the encounter between different artistic disciplines from the contemporary music, visual and performative international scenes.

Coby Sey is a musician, producer and DJ from South East London who offers a shifting, disorienting vision of club music. Coby Sey’s distinguished presence in London has elicited a bold impression of his compositions and performances, to much the attention of acclaimed artists and collaborators Tirzah, Mica Levi, Kwes, Babyfather, Kelly Lee Owens and Klein. Sey's music – as best evidenced on 'Whities 010: Transport for Lewisham' and 'River' – is reflective of his vast spectrum of influences, yet he remains undeniably uniquely himself; experimenting with live instrumentation and electronic-based productions, melding sounds with introspective lyrics into a dubbed-out anaesthesia. Live, these dreamlike compositions are imbued with a heavy, uneasy dancefloor energy, often abetted by live vocals as well as saxo-phone interjections c/o regular cohorts Ben Vince and CJ Calderwood.

Akihide Monna is best known as the drummer of the Japanese four-piece noise rock and alternative rock band Bo Ningen, with Taigen Kawabe, Yuki Tsujii, Kohhei Matsuda. Aside the band’s work, the artist cultivates the sumie-e art (Japanese ink drawing), and a personal path into music and production.

Rebecca Salvadori (b. 1984) is a London based artist working at the intersection between video art and documentary. She has a long experience of filming environments with a focus on non-hierarchical / chronological layering and sequencing of audio to footage. Her film works act as constellations of highly personal and wilfully elusive heterogeneous elements: multifaceted portraits of moments, people and environments that can be approached from different angles as they move in between personal and transpersonal scales. Over the last 15 years she has consistently engaged with experimental music, with a great interest in finding ways to connect the moving image with sound practices, live performance and alternative forms of storytelling.

Jan Hendrickse is an artist, musician, researcher and educator. His mixed heritage has meant that his work engages a range of hybrid practices, epistemic diversity and decolonial aesthetics. He initially trained as a western Classical flute player and has also studied several flute traditions including Turkish Ney, Chinese Xiao and Dizi as well as Rajasthani Satara and Alghoza. His PhD examined ecological approaches to compositional practice, instrument design and improvisation.
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Rebecca Salvadori. Photo: Henerico Rossi
Ssandro Mussida
Jan Hendrickse
Kenichi Iwasa
Maxwell Sterling